By default employees can punch in and out in real time and not require your approval.  But if they forget to punch in, or need to make a correction, they can submit that correction for your approval.  That's a Punch Pending Approval.

To act on the approval you can login and approve directly from your dashboard:

Or if you'd first like to see the details of the request, click on "View" to open the request on the time card.  Then when viewing the time card you'll have options to approve or edit the punch:

Notice that when you click on Edit you'll get the option to approve or edit from that screen:

You can also see the history of the request by looking at the bottom of the page:

Please note
A. If you do make a change the status changes to "Changed by Manager."
B. The only time a "Denied" is displayed is if the admin changes the Pending Approval time to the time when the employee logs into Buddy Punch to make a change.  (For example if an employee punches in at noon but changes the time to 11am, when the admin views the approval and changes the time to noon, that is a denial.)

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