To disable time for all employees, you can go to Settings --> Account Settings and uncheck "Allow Employees to Edit their Time."

If you'd like to only allow certain users to edit their time, you can set this up by clicking the "Employee Permissions to Edit Time" button.

There are three permissions options available. They are as follows:

  • Not allowed to edit: If this option is chosen, employees are not allowed to edit their time at all.
  • Can edit but requires approval: This option allows employees to edit their time, but any edits will go to their Manager or Administrator for approval.
  • Can edit without approval: This option allows employees to edit their time as needed and they do not require approval for any changes.

In addition to setting the feature up on the Account Settings page, this feature can also be setup within each employees profile. Just visit the employees profile select "Edit" and make your selection from the dropdown box next to "Permission to Edit Time."

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