Using Job Codes or Department Codes

Create codes and assign them to employees/managers. When they go to punch in, they have to select from one of them.

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Overview: Just like Locations, Department codes are labels for time. You can create as many departments (jobs) as needed, assign them to employees, and then employees can punch in and out of these codes. You can also assign them to shifts if scheduling is enabled. Your reports will reflect the time put to each code.


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Setting up Department Codes (Jobs)

1. To set up Department Codes, starting by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Department Codes:

2. Once on the Department Codes page, click +Add a New Department Code:

3. You'll then be asked to enter the name of your Department Code and assign employees. Please check to ensure that the Active box is checked and then Save once done:

4. You'll be taken back to the Department Code page where you'll find your newly created Departments:


Linking Department Codes and Locations

If you need multiple levels of tracking, you can use Locations. Department codes nest under Location codes and function the same way. If you've already created your Location codes, please follow the steps below. If you haven't yet created your Location codes, please click here for instructions on how to set them up.

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Locations:

2. You'll then want to click Edit next to the Location you want to link to Department Codes to:

3. On the Edit Location page, you'll find all active Department Codes. Check the box next to the Department Codes you'd like to link to this Location:

4. Click Save once done. When employees punch in, they will now see their assigned Location codes and any Department Codes associated with those Locations.


Using Department Codes (Employee/Manager View)

Below is an example of what an employee or manager will see when they punch in and they have Locations or Department Codes assigned to them:

Below is an example of what an employee or manager will see when they punch into a shift with assigned Locations or Department Codes:




Q: Why can't I delete my Department codes?

A: You are not able to delete Department codes to ensure they're not removed from any previous punches. You can, however, deactivate the codes if they're no longer needed.

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