• You can create unlimited job codes (we call them Department Codes) in the system and then assign job codes to certain employees.
  • When employees go to punch in they select the job code they are punching in to. Employees must have at least 2 codes assigned to them to see options to punch into (if they're just assigned 1 code we don't display that to them)
  • On an employee's time card you will see which jobs they are punching in and out of as well as their total time.

Department Codes can be active or inactive and can be renamed at anytime. They cannot be deleted.

Below is a screen shot of the job code creation screen. We use the term "department codes" in Buddy Punch, but it is just a label. After you create a department code you then go to the employee's profile to 'assign' that code to the employee. This way your employees can only use the codes you want them to.

Then, when employees go to punch in they are able to select which job code or department code they want to punch into:

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