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Adding Locations, Departments, or Positions Via Zapier.
Adding Locations, Departments, or Positions Via Zapier.

Step by step instructions on how to add locations, departments or positions via Zapier.

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Overview: Through our Zapier integration, you can automatically add Locations, Department, or Positions Codes. If you have a Zapier paid account, you can also automatically assign those codes to specific or all employees.


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Setup for Adding Locations/Departments/Positions

1. To start, you will need to create a Google Sheet with the following information based on the codes you're looking to add:

  • For Location Codes, in cell A1 add "Location Name"

  • For Department Codes, add a new sheet and then in cell A1 add "Department Code Name." If you're using ADP and need to add payroll codes, add "Payroll Codes" in cell B1.

  • For Positions, add a new sheet and then in cell A1 add "Position Name"

2. Now that you've got your Google Sheets set up, you'll want to head over to and either sign in or create a new account.

From your Zapier Dashboard, you'll want to connect Google Sheets to Buddy Punch and set the following:

  • When this happens > New Spreadsheet Row

  • Then do this > Create Location (We'll be using Locations for this example, but you can choose Position or Department Code as well)

Once you've made your selections click Use Zap:

3. In the first step of the Zap, you'll need to link your Google Sheet account and choose the Spreadsheet created during the initial set up. You will also need to choose the Worksheet - again, in this example we're using the Location.

4. Continue through the steps. Once you've got your data entered, click Test Trigger to pull in test data (Make sure to add a test Location to your spreadsheet):

5. Moving onto the next step, you'll be setting up the Buddy Punch side of things. Leave the app and action event and click Continue:

6. You'll then be asked to link your Buddy Punch account. After you've linked your account, click Continue. You'll then need to customize your Location. For the Name field, you'll want to select the spreadsheet header created. In this case, It's Location Name. You'll see sample data populated based on the test Location name you entered in the spreadsheet earlier. Click Continue:

7. Next, you'll want to click Test & Continue to ensure the Zap is working properly. If it is, you'll receive a confirmation message and the test Location added will now be visible in your Buddy Punch account (Don't worry, it can be deactivated!)

8. As a final step, click the Turn On Zap button to ensure your Zap is live. Moving forward, any time you enter new information or update an existing row, that information will be added to Buddy Punch. There may be a short delay, so if you don't see codes updated right away, please wait a few minutes.

To quickly create a Zap for Positions and Department Codes, simply Copy the Zap you just created and update it with Position/Department Code information:

Setup for Assigning Employees to Locations/Departments/Positions

To assign employees to codes automatically, you will need to have gone through the "Setup for Adding Locations/Departments/Positions" section first. If you haven't already, please go back now and do that now.

1. Using the Zap we created in the first section, you'll want to click the + button to add a new step:

2. Search for and select the Buddy Punch app. For Choose Action Event select Find Employee and click Continue:

3. Again you will need to select your Buddy Punch account and continue. Under the Customize Employee step, you'll want to enter the name, email, or username of an existing Buddy Punch employee and click Continue:

4. You'll then want to Test & Continue:

5. If the test was successful, click Done Editing:

6. To add the final step, click the + button once more:

7. Search for and select the Buddy Punch app. For Choose Action Event select Assign Employees to Location and click Continue:

8. Select your Buddy Punch account again and Continue. For the Location field under the Customize Assign step, you'll want to click the Custom tab, expand the Create Location in Buddy Punch option, and select the ID option as shown below:

9. Leave the Employee field as is and click Continue:

10. Next, click Test & Continue. If the test was successful, the test Location that was added in the first section should now be assigned to all employees:

11. As a final step, click Turn On Zap:

Moving forward, whenever you add a new Location all employees will be automatically assigned to that Location. While the Zap is instant (meaning it's looking for new data all the time) it takes approximately 2 to 5 minutes to run through all the steps and for Locations/assignments to show up in Buddy Punch.


Q: Do I need to create a Zap for Locations, Departments, AND Positions?

A: If you want to add and auto-assign codes through Zapier, a Zap will need to be created for Locations, Departments, and Positions.

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