You will first need to sign up for Zapier. Once you have your Zapier account you'll need to add Buddy Punch to it.  You can do so by accepting this invite.

After accepting the Buddy Punch invite, you will then be prompted to create your first Zap! 

  1. Select Buddy Punch Trigger - You will be given several options to create your trigger. Since you can only select one option at a time, either start with Employee Punched In or Employee Punched Out.

Once you select your option and continue, you'll be asked to connect your Buddy Punch account. You can enter your Buddy Punch login details to connect the account. 

Pull in samples. You can skip this step or follow the directions as instructed. Simply either Punch In or Out (Depending on which Zap you're setting up) in Buddy Punch to pull in a sample. Once the sample has been obtained, move on to the next step. 

2. Setup Action Step. For this step you'll need to find the Zapier SMS app. It can typically be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Again, you will be prompted to connect an account, but this time it will be with Zapier SMS.

Once you're connected, you will need to select a "from" number (Random works well) and enter a message you'd like to receive when an employee punches in. You can select from several fields to customize your SMS message.

Once you've saved your Zap, don't forget to turn it on! 

Follow the same steps to setup an Employee Punched Out SMS notification.

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