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Text to Punch | Punching SMS | Clock In/Out
Text to Punch | Punching SMS | Clock In/Out

Buddy Punch can be enabled to use a punching SMS system for employees convenience.

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To start, you will first need an account with Zapier. Once your account has been created and you've signed in to Zapier, you can access Buddy Punch app by clicking the following link:

Or alternatively, you can search for Buddy Punch in the list of available apps on the Zapier website or when creating a zap.

Once you're logged into Zapier, click the Zaps option from the left-hand menu. Then click the "Create Zap" button:

You will then want to name your zap and search for an SMS messaging app such as ClickSend SMS:

Once ClickSend SMS is chosen, click the CONTINUE button.

Note: If this is your first time creating a ClickSend SMS zap, you will need to create and log in to your ClickSend SMS account. You can sign up for an account here.

Important: You will need to get an SMS number to send SMS messages to in ClickSend SMS. There is a fee associated with this:

After you've added your ClickSend SMS account you will then need to test your trigger. You can do this by clicking the Test trigger button:

After test data has been found, you can review it to ensure it's accurate. If everything looks good, click the CONTINUE button to move onto the next step:

Next, you will need to add the Buddy Punch app. You can do this by searching for Buddy Punch and clicking the app icon that populates:

Next, you'll need to choose the action you'd like to complete when you send an SMS message. In this example, we'll be the Punch In action. Click Punch In and then click CONTINUE.

You will then be asked to select a Buddy Punch account to link. If you've linked your Buddy Punch account in a previous zap, then your information will be selectable from the dropdown. If this is your first zap, then you will need to login to your Buddy Punch account using your credentials. Click the CONTINUE button once done:

Next you will need to customize the punch information. Click on the box to select from pre-determined information that has been pulled in from Buddy Punch:

As a final step, you will need to test the action. If you're satisfied with the results and everything is working as expected click the TURN ON ZAP button. You're all set!

You can now text anything to the number you've purchased in ClickSend SMS to punch an employee in. You will need to repeat the same process for other users and if you want to allow users to also punch out via text.

If at any point you need to edit an existing Zap or create a new one, you can do this directly from your Zaps page:

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