Just like Department Codes, Locations are labels for time. You can create as many Locations as needed, assign them to employees, and then employees can punch in and out of these codes. You can also assign them to shifts if scheduling is enabled. Your reports will reflect time put to each code.

When both Department Codes and Locations are being used, they will need to be linked - specifically Department Codes nest under Locations.

We'll first go over how to setup Locations and then how to link them to Department Codes.

Setting Up Locations

1. To create and assign Locations you will first want to go to Settings in the top navigation followed by Locations as shown below:

2. Once on the Location page you will want to select the +Add a New Location button:

3. On the add new location page, you will be able to enter the name of the location (this will be what employees see when they punch in, what will be assigned to their shifts, and what will show up on your reports), and assign the appropriate employees.

4. If you intend to use Department Codes as well, this is also where you'll link specific Department Codes to your location. When an employee punches in, they will select their Location first and then the linked Department Code. 

5. Save once done.

Please Note: If you create your Department Codes after your Locations, you will need to go back to the Locations page, select Edit next to a code and then link your Department Codes.

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