Overview: The Time Card Approvals feature allows your employees to submit their time cards at the end of the pay period. The time card will then go to their Manager or an Administrator for approval/rejection.

Common Use Cases: The Time Card Approvals feature is frequently used to ensure employees are reviewing their hours prior to payroll processing. The feature can also be used to lock time cards so employees are not able to add any new time.


Setting Up The Time Card Approvals Feature

Enabling Agreed To Text

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Setting Up The Time Card Approvals Feature

1. Start by going to Settings --> Time Card Approval Settings:

2. Check the box next to Enable Time Card Approvals and Save once done:

3. The time card feature is now enabled. If you want to quickly approve time cards for past pay periods that have already closed, click the red Approve all X closed time cards now button:

Now that the time card approval feature is enabled, all employees will be asked to submit their time cards once the pay period closes. Managers assigned to employees with Approval permissions will be able to approve time cards submitted. Administrators are also able to approve time cards.


Enabling Agreed To Text

When an employee submits a time card, you have the option to require them to agree to certain text such as "I agree that I've taken all required breaks and that my work hours are accurate." The agreed-upon text they acknowledge will be visible in their time card approval history.

1. To enable the Time Card Approvals Agreed To option simply visit the Time Card Approval Settings page and check the box next to Require that the following text is agreed to when submitting the time card. You'll then want to enter the text you'd like the employee to agree to and Save once done:

2. With the required agreement option now enabled, an employee will be required to check a box next to the statement in order to Submit for Approval.

3. Managers and Administrators will be able to see the agreed to text when approving time cards as well as once a time card is approved or rejected:




Q: Can an employee recall or un-submit their time card?

A: No, once an employee has submitted their time card for approval, it cannot be recalled. It would need to be rejected back to them by their Administrator or Manager.

Approving or Rejecting a Time Card as Administrator or Manager

How do I submit my time card for approval?

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