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Surepayroll (Suntrust) - Integration Setup and Help
Surepayroll (Suntrust) - Integration Setup and Help

Step by step help to setup your account to work with SurePayroll.

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We are a SurePayroll partner - if you are using Surepayroll for your payroll needs make sure to follow the steps below to integrate. When it is time to run payroll you'll download a file from Buddy Punch that you will be uploading to Surepayroll.

Step 1: Buddy Punch Setup

First you'll want to enable the SurePayroll Export in Buddy Punch. To do that sign in as an administrator and go to Settings --> Integrations and click the button that says "SurePayroll Settings."

From here you'll want to enter in your SurePayroll Codes.  Your SurePayroll Codes are located in your SurePayroll account in the Company Settings/Earnings area. Once you do that, click on the "Enable Integration" checkbox and Save.

Please Note: If there is a SurePayroll code you're not using simply enter NA in the corresponding box.

Step 2: SurePayroll Setup & Upload

  1. From the Account Center in SurePayroll select "Time Clock Integration."

2. After clicking ‘Register, you will be taken to the registration screen, where from the drop down menu, you can select ‘Buddy Punch.’

3. In the next screen, you have the preferences. From the 1st drop down be sure to select the 'SurePayroll format' file.

4. Note that before your first import you'll want to make sure that each employee in Surepayroll and in Buddy Punch has the same ID number.  The ID number in Buddy Punch is located in the employee's profile section.  It is also located in the profile section of Surepayroll.  These must match to import correctly (there is a 10 character limit imposed by Surepayroll).

5. When ready you go to Buddy Punch to export your hours in the SurePayroll Format.  Go to Reports --> Payroll Export --> SurePayroll Format:

6. When it is time to run your payroll with SurePayroll you will be presented with a screen to enter in hours.  Instead of hand entering in the hours you click on the Time Clock Integration button to import your hours:

You can then continue with SurePayroll to run your payroll. Note that the first 4 steps are for setup purposes only - after your first payroll you can just download the correct file and import to Surepayroll.

*** When exporting the SurePayroll file, do not open it in Excel and resave it. Excel will change your file and cause the export to fail with SurePayroll. (Excel changes 001 to 1, for example) ***

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