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I’m here to show you how a manager or administrator approves or rejects a time card. Let’s get started.

Once you login you’ll see your dashboard.If you have any Pending Time Card Approvals they’ll be located there. You can also access them by visiting the Time Cards navigation on top, using the Pending Approvals Drop down.

Once you are in the “Time Card Pending Approval” area you can filter what needs to be approved on top by pay period, or by viewing all.

Then you can approve one of two ways. You can select from this screen and approve the time cards directly, or you can view the time card itself to approve.

If you want to reject a time card you have to click on View first to review the card and reject it.

Once a time card is approved or rejected it will no longer show in the Pending area. You can still see the time card by clicking on “View All.”

That’s it! If you have any questions on time card approvals, please let us know. Thanks for watching!

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