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A video view of your administrator dashboard and an overview of the various settings.

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Video Transcript

I’m here to give you a brief overview of the administrator dashboard as well has how to access some key functions. Let’s get started.

After you login you will be taken do your dashboard. Your dashboard will show employees who have punched in and out. Notice that their names on the dashboard are links to the employee’s time card. Employees who have never punched in will still be in the punched out area, but their names will not be links as they don’t have any time entered yet.

The next area is Time Cards. This will show you all time grouped by your pay period. You can change the pay period on top. You can view time cards and edit, add time, add Time Off, add breaks, approve and reject time cards all in this area.

The Employee area is where you manage settings that are unique to your employees. You’ll be able to change an employee’s username, password, email address, time zone, overtime settings, etc – all from this area. If you’re using Time Off you can also manage that here.

The reports area will give you access to all of your reports in either Excel or PDF formats. Note that if you’re looking for a time card that you can print and hand to an employee, make sure check out the Employee Detail report.

We have many settings, so I will briefly talk about each one here:

  • Account Settings: Here you can setup the name for your account (this will be the name that is referenced when new employees are sent emails with their credentials.) Time Zone (this the default time zone for new employees, the actual time zone of each employee is managed in their profile), Maximum Hours in a shift (If a punch in hits this threshold the employee will automatically be punched out and you will be notified. This is great for employees who forget to punch in.) The other options are fairly self-explanatory. The Split shifts at midnight will punch an employee out at midnight and then back in. This is useful in case an employee works a single shift over 2 pay periods.

  • Administrators: You can manage the administrators on your account. Note that to create a new administrator you first create the user as an employee and then go here to upgrade them. Administrators are not charged against your account for billing purposes. Because of that they cannot track their own time.

  • Billing: Here you can manage the plan that you are on, you can update payment information, or you can cancel your account. Once you have made a payment you’ll also find your paid invoice here, where you can view and print.

  • Integrations: We are constantly adding new integrations as we get requests for them. You can manage all of your integrations here.

  • Pay Periods will show you past, current and future pay periods. You are allowed to edit the pay period schedule going forward or make one-time edits by clicking on the “edit” button next to a pay period. We don’t let you edit past pay periods. By default, all pay periods are locked for employees as soon as they end, but you can manually go in and unlock them if needed.

  • Department Codes: These are codes you can create for employees, assign to them, and then their time has the department code label. If you no longer need a department code you can deactivate it. Note if you only assign one department code to an employee they won’t get a selection, instead all of their time will go to that code.

  • Locations: Locations are like Department Codes, they are labels you can create and assign to employees, however they work with Department Codes. If you use them both you’ll need to assign department codes to locations. Employees can’t be assigned a location and department unless they’re associated together here.

  • Automatic Breaks: Rules can be created and applied to employees, one per employee. They will automatically add breaks to employee’s time cards based on the rule settings.

  • GPS: Buddy Punch will capture the GPS coordinates on punch in and out. It will also estimate a location if GPS coordinates are not available. Note that the device being used has to support GPS (or has a GPS Receiver), and the accuracy of the coordinates depends on the device.

  • IP Address Locks: Here you can setup a lock that will only allow logging in from a specific IP address. Note that unless you request a non-changing static IP address from your Internet Service Provider, your IP address will change from time to time. If that occurs you just need to setup a new lock with the new address. When you setup a lock Buddy Punch will tell you what your IP address is.

  • Overtime: All overtime will be calculated based on the workweek that you specify here. The overtime type is just a default for new employees, each employee can have a unique overtime type.

  • Overtime Alerts: You can get notified on a daily or weekly basis when employees hit certain thresholds.

  • Time Off: If enabled you can create Time Off types that employees can put time against. If you’d like to use our Time Off Accrual feature this allows you to add in banks of Time Off for each employee.  As employees use Time Off, the bank goes down. You can add to the bank by using a rule, which adds The Off over time, or you can make one time adjustments.

  • Punch Rounding: This will allow you to setup a rule where punches are always rounded. You can set them up specific rules for punching in and punching out, but the rule has to apply to all the employees. Note that this will only apply to real time punches.

  • QR Codes: If enabled we will generate a QR Code for each employee. The employee can scan the QR Code either on a webcam on a computer or their smartphone. If scanning on a webcam on a computer the QR Code scan will automatically punch the employee in and out. If it is used on a smartphone app then the code will just log the employee in.

  • Time Card Approvals: If you enable this setting, each pay period your employees have to submit their time card to you. You then can review and approve or reject it. This approval process is not enabled by default. The approval process also applies to managers who have Approval access to employees. The managers can then approve time cards for employees that they are assigned to.

  • Time Entry Options: If you have some employees who you only want to specify a total time per day, or duration, you can enable that here.

  • Webcam: You can have Buddy Punch take a picture during each punch in and out. You can have it optional or required for each employee.These photos will be next to each punch on a time card.

That’s it! If you have any questions on features or the dashboard, please let us know. Thanks for watching!

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