Buddy Punch has buttons setup specifically for these situations. Note that this is an optional feature that your administrator can enable or disable. If you do not see these options it is because your administrator has disabled them.

1. Log Into Buddy Punch via https://app.buddypunch.com

2. There are 2 buttons that allow you to make changes - one allows you to punch in/out and edit the time.  The other allows you to edit any shifts on your timecard.

3. If you are currently punched in from your last shift and forgot to punch out, fixing it is simple.  Click on the "I need to change something" button.

4. You are then allowed to edit punches.

5. The system then takes care of everything for you.  There isn't anything else you need to do, however your Manager or Administrator will then need to approve the time.  They are given a notification to approve & you will see their approval or change in your account once they act on it.

6. If you forgot to punch in the situation works the same way.  Click on the "Punch In/Out & Edit Time" button to follow the steps for entering in your new punch in time.

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