There can be several reasons why emails do not show up in your inbox, so we'll go through a couple of troubleshooting options below:

  1. All of our emails come from the IP address of:
    If you have a technical admin or a company that handles your email, ask them to white list this IP address.

  2. If you made a mistake when you added a new employee's email address, and they didn't get the welcome email - you can delete the employee and start over.  When you add them again the email will resend.

  3. Sometimes email addresses get blocked for a short period of time.  If that occurs (email inbox is full and not accepting new messages), contact us and let us know that it is resolved.  We can re-enable emails to the address.  (once we find out that emails are bouncing to the address, we stop trying to send them there)

  4. None of the above?  Contact us and tell us the email address and what email you were expecting.  We can look it up to see the problem.  Every email we send we see a status on, and we can tell you that status.

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