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How to setup Buddy Punch for use with the Paylocity WebPay export file.
How to setup Buddy Punch for use with the Paylocity WebPay export file.

Before you are able to use the export file you will have to enable it and filling a few one time settings.

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If you already have a Paylocity WebPay account and a Buddy Punch account, in Buddy Punch go to Settings --> Integrations and select the Paylocity option.  From here you'll want to enable the integration and then map any earnings codes you have.

Earning Codes are available in Paylocity and you can contact your Paylocity Rep if you are having trouble finding them.

Once you have enabled and filled in the codes, make sure to Save your settings.  You'll then need to match each employee in Paylocity with an employee in Buddy Punch.  To do this you'll go the Employee's tab and then View and Edit next to each employee.  You'll find an employee ID field.  This field needs to match what is in Paylocity.

The ID field in Paylocity is either the employee's clock/badge number or the employee's ID number.  The employee's clock/badge number can be found on the employee's Other tab. If the clock/badge field is blank, WebPay will then look to the employee's id number.

Once the employee ID's and Earning Codes match, and the integration is enabled, you can begin to use the export.  To do so go to Reports --> Payroll Export.  You'll then see a drop down option for the Paylocity Export File.

To then use this export file in Paylocity's WebPay see our next help article on importing.

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