Overtime alerts will allow you to email notify your employees, managers, and administrators when they hit a set number of hours.  To use this feature please follow the steps below.

Sign into your Buddy Punch account as an administrator.  Go to Settings --> Alerts & Reminders.  Then click on "+Add A New Alert."

You'll then get options on creating the alert, as listed below:

OT alerts can be based on daily time or weekly time.  You can have the alert go to just the employee, or any managers assigned to the employee, and any administrators on the account. You can also decide whether the alert is send via email, push notification or both.

Active alerts will trigger when the hours are hit.  Inactive alerts will not produce any notifications.

Alerts are based on closed and current shifts.  If an employee has an open shift and the alert is hit, a notification will go out.

Although alerts can be setup by an administrator your employees and managers can control notifications themselves on any rules they are assigned to.  They can turn off all notifications by visiting their profile (upper right hand corner) and unchecking the boxes next to Overtime:

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