I'll explain how to add in Holiday time to multiple employees at once.  To do this we'll be using our Time Off feature.  Time Off is used in this situation as it does not count towards overtime.

To enable Time Off, go to Settings --> Time Off and click on the check box to enable, then save.

At the bottom of the same screen you will see Time Off types.  You can edit the types that are there, or create a new type called "Holiday."

After you've setup the Holiday type, go to Timecards in the top navigation, and click on Time Off Calendar:

On the Time Off Calendar page, click the +Add Time Off button located in the top right hand corner:

You will be presented a screen where you can add the Holiday type to multiple employees at once. Select the dropdown to determine which employees the time off will apply to. If you need to add more than one holiday, click the +Add New button to create an additional line:

Once you click Save this Time Off will show up on your Time Off calendar.  When the time comes this time will automatically show up on your employee's time cards.

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