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How To Notify Employees Once Their Shift Is Published.
How To Notify Employees Once Their Shift Is Published.

Buddy Punch can be set up to notify employees when a scheduled shift is published.

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Overview: When you publish a shift, you can decide if you'd like to notify employees by email, push notification, or both. You also have the option of publishing without notifications.

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Notify Employees Of Shift

After you have finished entering your employee's shift details, you will then need to Publish the shift. You Publish a shift by selecting the Publish Shift button on the top right of the scheduling page:

You'll then be able to send to:

  • All employees

  • Employees with changes only (i.e. edits or deletion)

  • Employees in the current view

  • Employees with shifts in the current view

Once you've made your selection, you can then either publish via email, push notification, or both:

Here's an example of what the email notification looks like:

And here's the push notification view:


Q: What is a push notification?

A: A push notification functions similarly to a text, but requires an employee to have our app on their device to receive it. More information about push notifications can be found here.

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