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How to Enter Notes—Website (Administrator, Manager, or Employee)
How to Enter Notes—Website (Administrator, Manager, or Employee)

There are a few areas where notes can be entered.

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Overview: Notes can be entered by employees or management from our website or mobile app.

Common Use Cases: Notes are commonly used to capture important information about the job or task being completed. They could also be used for client details, mileage tracking, reimbursements, etc.

Important: Existing notes cannot be deleted or edited.


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For Administrators

1. Administrators can add notes to an employee's time card by choosing Edit next to an existing punch:

2. Once on the Edit punch page, enter the note and Save:

3. You'll be taken back to the time card where you can view the note:

Important: Notes will also be visible on the Time Card, Employee Detail, and In/Out Activity Reports.

For Managers

1. When a manager punches in or out, they can enter a note:

2. Managers can also add notes to employees for who they have permission over. They can add a note for another worker by visiting the time card and choosing Edit next to a punch:

3. Once they add the note and Save, the note will be visible on their time card:

For Employees

1. Employees can quickly add a note whenever they punch in or out. The note box will be found below any shift information and job codes:

2. If employees are allowed to edit, they can visit their time card and choose Edit next to the punch they need to add the note to:

3. They can enter any note needed and Save it when done.

The note will then be visible on their time card.


Q: Where can notes be viewed?

A: Notes can be viewed directly from the employee's time card (hover over the little bubble next to a punch), or by running the Time Card, Employee Detail, or In/Out Activity reports.

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