Overview: If your employer has the webcam feature enabled, you may be required to have your picture taken whenever you punch in or out. This article goes over that process step by step.

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Using the Webcam Feature

1. If the webcam feature is enabled, you'll see a Take Picture option on the punch page. Click the + button and take your picture. (Left image)

2. Once done, your picture will show up on the punch page. Click Retake Picture to take it again. Click Punch In to begin the punch process. (Middle image)

3. Confirm your punch by clicking Yes. To cancel your punch, click No. (Right image)

4. You'll repeat the same process when punching out. (Left image)

5. If your employer requires you to take a picture and you don't add a picture when punching in, you will receive an error. (Right image)


Q: Why am I required to take a picture when I punch in or out?

A: This feature is set up by your account Administrator - they've made the decision to use the feature. If you have questions about this, please contact them for more information.

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