If you'd like an email, push notification or both to be sent to an Employee, Manger or Administrator you can do this from the Alerts & Reminders page.

Once on the Alerts & Reminder page, you'll want to select +Add a New Alert. You'll then be asked to enter a name for the (which will be included in the reminder message) and select the Type of reminder you want to create. In this case, you'll want to select Punch Out Reminder as shown below:

There are two different ways you can have a punch reminder trigger - 1) Based on the time of day and 2) Based on the amount of hours worked. If you select Time of Day you will be able to specify daily times you'd like the reminder to be sent as shown in the image below:

If you want to create the Punch Out Reminder based on hours worked, you will be able to enter both hours as minutes as specify the interval - either Daily or Weekly.

Once you've setup the rules of your Punch Out Reminder, you will then need to decide who the reminder will be sent to and the form of notification sent as shown in the image below:

Don't forget to make sure the box next to Active is checked and that the reminder is assigned to the appropriate employees.

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