Time Card Approval Reminder

Here we'll explain how to setup the time card approval reminder for Managers and Administrators.

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Overview: The Time Card Approval Reminder can remind managers or administrators to review and approve time cards. The alert can be sent to a Manager, or Administrator via email, push notification, or both.

Important: Timecard approvals must be enabled to use this reminder.

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Set Up A Time Card Approval Reminder

1. Start by clicking Settings --> Alerts & Reminders:

2. Then click +Add a New Alert/Reminder:

3. You'll then be able to specify:

  • The name of the reminder (This will be in the message to the employee)

  • The type (Approve Time Card Reminder Reminder)

  • When the reminder should trigger (Days before or after the pay period)

You'll then want to choose who the message should send to and if it should be sent via email, push notification, or both. Assign the proper employees and Save once done:

4. If you need to edit or delete the reminder, you can do so by choosing the Edit or Delete buttons:


Q: Can I create more than one Approve Time Card Reminder?

A: Yes! You can create as many Approve Time Card reminders as needed and a manager or administrator can be assigned to more than one Approve Time Card reminder

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