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Allow/Disallow Negative Time Off Balances
Allow/Disallow Negative Time Off Balances

Step-by-step instructions on how to allow or disallow negative time off balances.

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Overview: You are able to specify whether each time off type is allowed to go into the negative or not from the time off settings page.

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Allow/Disallow Negative Balances

1. Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Time Off:

2. Then choose Edit next to the time off type you want to allow/disallow negative balances for:

3. If you want to allow for negative balances for new employees, check the box next to Allow negative balances for new employees. Otherwise, negative balances can be specified on a per-user basis as shown below:


Q: Can I allow negative balances on a per-employee basis?

A: Yes, you can specify which employees are allowed to have a negative balance directly from the time off edit page.

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