Overview: With the maximum time off balance option, you can specify the maximum amount of time off an employee can earn. An employee will accrue time off up to the maximum set.


Setting the Maximum Time Off Balance

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Setting the Maximum Time Off Balance

1. Start by clicking Settings --> Time Off:

2. On the Time Off page, select Edit next to the time off earning code you'd like to enable a maximum time off balance for:

3. You will want to start by checking the box next to Set a maximum hours allowed. If you'd like for all new employees to have a default maximum, enter that in the box below the main setting.

  • If you're using the feature for the first time, select the Apply default to all current employees option to apply the balance cap to all employees.

  • You also have the option of manually entering the max hours allowed per employee under the Maximum Hours Allowed column.

Click Save once done. Now that you've got your maximum time off balance set, an employee will not be able to accrue beyond that balance.



Q: Can an Administrator or Manager manually add an accrual beyond the maximum hours allowed or overwrite the feature?

A: No, if an Administrator or Manager tries to manually add an accrual and the employee is at their maximum time off balance, they will receive an error stating such.

Q: Can I set the maximum hours allowed for every time off type?

A: Yes, each time off type has its own maximum hours allowed setting.

How do I add an accrual entry?

How do I remove an accrual entry?

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