Overview: When punch rounding is enabled, real-time punches will be rounded based on the rounding direction and increment chosen.


Setting Up Punch Rounding

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Setting Up Punch Rounding

1. To set up punch rounding, start by clicking Settings followed by Punch Rounding:

2. On the punch rounding settings page, you can specify:

  • When punching rounding will occur (In or Out).

  • Whether punches should be rounded Up, Down, or to the Nearest.

  • The punch rounding increment (Ranges from 2 to 30 minutes)

  • If punch rounding should occur when an employee is using the Switch button to change between Locations, Departments, Positions, or shifts.

3. Click Save once done.



Q: Why are punches not being rounded?

A: If you have punch rounding enabled, but punches aren't rounding then the punches likely aren't being made in real-time. Punching rounding only applies to punches made in real-time.

How do I limit when an employee can punch in/out?

Should I apply rounding on switch?

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