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Punch Employee's Out Automatically Using Zapier
Punch Employee's Out Automatically Using Zapier

In this article, we'll describe how to set up Zapier and Buddy Punch to automatically punch an employee out.

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Overview: Step-by-step instructions on how to send an email to punch an employee out automatically. Additionally, we'll cover how to automatically punch an employee out when an overtime alert triggers.


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Connecting to Zapier

1. You will want to start by connecting Buddy Punch to Zapier. You can do this from within your Buddy Punch account by going to Settings --> Integrations and click Integrate with Zapier:

2. On the next page, you will find Zapier Templates. You will want to find the "Punch out Buddy Punch employees for newly received emails to a specific mailbox" option and click the "Use this Zap" button to the right of it:

3. You'll be presented with a pop up where you can either create a Zapier account or log in to an existing account. Note: A Zapier account is required in order to use this zap:

4. You should automatically be brought to a page that looks like the one below. Please move onto the next section regarding the Zap setup:

Setting up the Zap (Single Employee)

1. To start, you will need to add a customized inbound email. You can enter anything you'd like here. Click "Continue" once done:

2. Next, you will want to send a test email to the Zapier email address you've created. Once sent, you can then test the trigger:

3. After testing your trigger, data should have been pulled in based on the test email you sent. Once you've reviewed the data, click "Continue" to move onto the next step:

4. Now moving onto the Buddy Punch side of things. The App and Action event should be automatically filled for you with "Buddy Punch" and "Punch Out." Once you've confirmed that, click "Continue."

5. Next, you need to choose your Buddy Punch account. If you've logged into a Buddy Punch account for previous zaps, then your information will be available from the dropdown list. Otherwise, sign in to Buddy Punch using your account credentials. Click "Continue" once done:

6. You'll then need to customize the punch. The only required field is the User. This particular zap can only be set up for one employee at a time, so please choose the name of the employee you'd like the zap to trigger for from the dropdown. Click "Continue" once done:

7. To test the zap, you'll want to punch in the chosen employee in Buddy Punch. Once they're punched in, click the "Test & Continue" button.

8. The employee that you punched in, should now be punched out in Buddy Punch:

If you're satisfied with this setup, you can click the "Turn on Zap" button. Now when you send an email to the Zapier email setup, the employee the zap was created for will be punched out.

Setting up the Zap (Multiple Employees)

Please go through the "Connecting to Zapier" and "Setting up the Zap (Single Employee)" steps first before going through this section.

1. Now that you've got both the Zapier Email and Buddy Punch side of things set up, you can now set the zap up for multiple employees.

Start by opening the zap you just created and click the + button between the Zapier Email and Buddy Punch apps:

2. You'll then want to click the "Filter" option:

3. You'll then want to select Only continue if: Subject > (Text) Exactly matches > and then the subject line you'll be entering to punch an employee out. In this example, I used "Punch out John Doe." Click "Continue" once done:

4. You won't pull in any new data with this test, so click the "Done Editing" button. If your Zap got turned off, don't forget to turn it back on. Now, when you send an email to your Zapier email with the subject line of "Punch Out John Doe" only John Doe will be punched out:

5. To do this for other employees, simply go back to your Zapier dashboard and choose Zaps from the left-hand menu:

6. You'll want to click the dropdown next to the zap you've created and click the "Copy" option:

7. Once you've copied the zap, click on it to edit it. To help you quickly determine who the zap is assigned to, add the employee's name at the end of the zap title:

8. Since you've copied an already created zap, there are only a few small changes that need to be made for a different user. Start by clicking "Edit" next to the filter:

9. You'll want to click on the "Filter Setup & Testing" option and then change the subject text to reflect the new employee's name. In this case we're using "Punch Out Jane Iverson." Click "Continue" followed by "Done Editing."

10. You'll then want to click "Edit" next to the Buddy Punch app:

11. Under the "Customize Punch" section, you'll only need to update the user to reflect the new employee you're creating the zap for. Click "Continue" once done and turn on your zap:

You can repeat the same process for any other employees. Now when you send an email to the Zapier Email created with a specific subject line, an employee will get punched out.

Adding in Overtime Alert Filter

If you'd like for an employee to be punched out, when an overtime alert triggers, this can be done using a filter. If you haven't already, please work through "Connecting to Zapier" and "Setting up the Zap (Single Employee)" first.

1. You'll want to start by creating an Administrator in Buddy Punch with the Zapier Email created during the "Setting up the Zap (Single Employee)" step. You can do this by clicking Employees in the top navigation followed by +Add a New Employee. Once they've been added as an employee, go to Settings --> Administrators and upgrade the user.

This can also be done for a Manager account, but we recommend using an Administrator since they are free users:

2. You'll then want to set up an email overtime alert specifically for Administrators and assign it to the employee you're using in the zap. You can do this by going to Settings --> Alerts & Reminders:

3. You will now want to go back into your newly created zap and click the + button located between the Zapier Email and Buddy Punch app:

4. Then click the "Filter" option:

5. Under the "Filter Setup & Testing" you'll want to choose Only Continue If: Subject > (Text Exactly matches) > and then you'll need to enter the following text "Overtime alert for "Employee Name" ("Name of Overtime Alert")

In this example, we'll be entering Overtime Alert for Jane Iverson (Weekly Overtime Alert)

If you're not sure what the name of your overtime alert is, you can check in Buddy Punch by going to Settings --> Alerts & Reminders.

6. Click "Continue" followed by "Done Editing" and turn on your zap.

Now, whenever an overtime alert triggers for an employee in Buddy Punch, they will automatically be punched out. You'll need to repeat the same process for other employees.


Q. Can I create the zap for multiple employees at once?

A. No, a zap will need to be created for each individual employee, however, you can copy the zap and only edit the necessary fields.

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