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Annual Time Off Carryover/Reset Feature
Annual Time Off Carryover/Reset Feature

Annual balances can be cleared/reset on a specific date or only a specified amount of time off can be carried over.

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Overview: If you'd like for employees' time off balances to be reset annually, this can be done using our annual time off carryover option. You can also specify how much time off an employee should carry over each year.

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Set Up An Annual Carryover/Reset

1. Start by going to Settings --> Time Off and select Edit next to a time off type.

2. You'll then want to check the box next to Set a maximum annual carry over:

3. If you want the carryover value and date to apply to new employees, fill in the Default for new employees fields.

Or quickly apply the specified date/carry over values by choosing the Apply default to all current employees:

Otherwise, you can also specify the annual carry over date/amount on a per-employee basis:

4. Save once done.


Q: Will the annual carry over/reset date apply to all time off types?

A: No, each time off type has its own carry over/reset option. Follow the steps mentioned above for each time off type you'd like to carry over or rest.

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