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Paycor Integration Overview
Paycor Integration Overview

Step by step instructions on how to integrate with Paycor

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Overview: The integration with Paycor is done through an export/import process. When it's time to process payroll, you will export the Paycor-specific file and upload it into their system.


Enabling the Paycor Integration

1. To enable the Paycor integration, you'll want to start by going to Settings --> Integrations:

2. Click the Paycor Settings button:

3. Check the box next to "Enable Integration with Paycor. Then enter your additional Paycor Codes, if applicable, and click Save once done:

Exporting the Paycor File

1. To export the Paycor file, start by going to Reports --> Payroll Export:

2. Choose your pay period and any additional filters and click Run Report. You'll then want to click the Export dropdown followed by Paycor Format:

You can now import your data into Paycor. We recommend contacting your Paycor representative if you have questions about this step.

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