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How to View Your Schedule—Employee (Web/App)
How to View Your Schedule—Employee (Web/App)

Step-by-step instructions on how to view your schedule or shift from the Buddy Punch website and mobile app.

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Overview: You can view work schedule information from our website or mobile app. Depending on the account's setup, you may see additional information outside of your work hours, such as project, task, or client information. Notes may be included as well. If you see other users' information on the schedule, then this option has been enabled by your account administrator.


Additional Resources:

View Your Schedule (Web)

1. To view your schedule from the website, start by clicking Schedule in the top navigation followed by View Schedule:

2. On the schedule page you be able to view scheduled work hours along with any other relevant information related to your work hours:

View Your Schedule (App)

1. To view your schedule, start by clicking Schedule in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

2. You'll be taken to the Schedule page where you can quickly view your work hours. If there is an information bubble (circle with an i) that means your shift has a note. Click the arrow next to the shift. (Middle image)

3. On the Shift Details page, you'll be able to view all details related to the shift. (Right image)

When a schedule is published, your employer has the option to send a message notifying you of your schedule by push notification. A push notification is similar to a text but requires you to have the Buddy Punch app downloaded. Below is an example of the push notification received:


Q: Why can't I change my schedule or request a change?

A: Employees are not able to change schedules, this can only be done by a manager with appropriate permissions and an administrator. We don't currently have a feature to request changes. Please reach out to your manager or administrator if you need to change your schedule.

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