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How to Setup Trades & Covers
How to Setup Trades & Covers

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up the trade feature.

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Overview: Trades allow an employee (with appropriate permissions), manager, or administrator to initiate a shift trade with another employee. Covers allow employees, managers, or administrators to initiate covers with another employee.


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Enable Trades and/or Covers

1. To enable Trades or Covers, start by going to Settings --> Scheduling:

2. Once on the scheduling page, check the box next to Enable Trades or Enable Covers, depending on which you'd like to use:

3. Click Save once done.

Set Trade/Cover Permissions

1. To set Trade and Cover permissions, you'll want to go to Settings --> Scheduling and choose the Edit Employee Trade/Cover Permissions button:

2. You can then set the following Trade or Cover permissions:

  • No Access: Employees cannot request or view Trades/Covers.

  • Requires Approval: Employees can request a Trade or Cover, but it will first go to their Manager for approval.

  • No Approval Needed: Employees can request a Trade or Cover and will be automatically sent to the receiving employee with no approval.

Please note: If Requires Approval is chosen, a Manager must have Edit & Publish scheduling permissions over an employee to approve or reject any Trade/Cover requests. Scheduling permissions can be found within the manager profile.


Q: I've enabled approvals for Trades and Covers, but Managers aren't receiving the requests.

A: If you've enabled approvals for Trades and Covers, but your Managers aren't receiving the request, then it's likely they don't have the correct permissions over employees. Trades/Covers approvals are based on Edit & Publish scheduling permissions. More information about how to assign scheduling permissions can be found here.

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