How To Set The Account Time Zone

Step-by-step instructions on how to set your Buddy Punch account time zone

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Overview: The account time zone, which will be taken on by account owners can be set under Account Settings.

Important: Newly added employees will automatically take on the account time zone unless a different time zone is specified during the account creation. If you change your account time zone, existing employees will not be automatically updated with the new time zone. Their time zone will need to be updated from within their profile.

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Set The Account Time Zone

1. To set the account time zone, start by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Account Settings:

2. From there, you can choose the Time Zone dropdown:


Q: Can I have more than one account time zone?

A: No, only one account time zone can be specified. Please reference the article below if you need to set time zones on a per-employee basis.

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