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How To Set Time Zones On A Per-Employee Basis
How To Set Time Zones On A Per-Employee Basis

Step-by-step instructions on how to set time zones on a per-employee basis

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Overview: If employees live in different time zones, their time zones can be specified on a per-user basis from within the employee profile.

Important: Changing the account time zone does not automatically update all existing employees. Existing employee time zones will need to be updated from within their profile.

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Set Time Zones Per-Employee

1. To set time zones on a per-employee basis, start by clicking Employees in the top navigation:

2. Once on the employee's page, click View next to the name of the employee whose time zone you need to change:

3. In their profile, click Edit in the top right-hand corner:

4. Specify the employees new time zone and Save once done:


Q: Can an employee be set up with more than one time zone?

A: No, an employee can only be set up with a single time zone at any given time.

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