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Company Calendar/Holiday Setup
Company Calendar/Holiday Setup

Instructions on how to enable and use the company calendar or company holiday feature from our website.

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Overview: The company calendar can be used to enter pre-determined company days off, such as holidays.

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Set Up A Company Calendar/Holiday

1. To set up the Company Calendar, start by going to Settings --> Time Off:

2. Click Company Calendar from the left-hand menu:

3. Once at that section click +Add New:

4. You can then enter the details for the day and apply to all future employees if needed:

Important: Please keep in mind if you apply a company holiday to all future employees, that time off type you apply must also be applied to all future employees:

5. Once you've saved the company calendar date, you can view it from the time off calendar.


Q: Why can't I edit a company calendar date through the time off calendar?

A: All company calendar dates must be managed through the Company Calendar section on the Time Off page

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