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Setup Time Off Blackout Date(s)
Setup Time Off Blackout Date(s)

Step-by-step instructions on how to set time off blackout dates through our website.

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Overview: The blackout dates feature can be used to ensure employees are not able to request time off on certain days.

Important: This feature does not apply to Administrators or Managers entering time for their assigned employees.

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Setup Time Off Black Out Dates

1. To set up blackout, start by going to Settings --> Time Off:

2. Click Blackout Dates from the left-hand menu and then +Add a New Blackout Date:

3. You can then enter the details for the blackout date and apply to all future employees if needed:

Important: Please keep in mind if you apply a blackout date to all future employees, that time off type you apply must also be applied to all future employees:

4. If an employee attempts to request time off on a blackout date, they'll receive the following error:


Q: An employee has time off on a blackout date, how is this possible?

A: If an employee has a time off request on a blackout date, it may have been entered by their manager or an administrator. Check the revision history of the time off to confirm.

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