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How to Add Company Benefits
How to Add Company Benefits

Step-by-step instructions on how to add company benefits through our website when using our payroll services.

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Add Company Benefits

1. To add company benefits, start by clicking Payroll in the top navigation, followed by Company Details:

2. Once on that page, choose Benefits from the left-hand menu and once at that section click Add New:

3. From there, you can enter your company benefits details:

Following is a complete list of all the company benefits we support:

  • 125 Medical

  • 125 Vision

  • 125 Dental

  • 125 Disability

  • 125 Accident

  • 125 Cancer

  • 125 Critical Illness

  • 125 Hospital

  • 125 Life

  • 125 Medical Other

  • 401k

  • 403b

  • 457

  • Roth 401k

  • Roth 403b

  • Roth 457

  • FSA Medical

  • FSA Dependent Care

  • HSA

  • Simple IRA


Q: Can I delete a company benefit?

A: Yes, you can delete or edit an existing company benefit from the Benefits section on the payroll company page.

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