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How to Setup Split Direct Deposits
How to Setup Split Direct Deposits

Step-by-step instructions on how to setup split direct deposits for employees, contractors or salaried workers.

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Overview: Employees, contractors, and salaried workers can be set up with up to 5 different bank accounts and can then specify how much of their direct deposit is sent to each account.

1. Start by going to Payroll --> People:

2. Click View next to the name of the user you want to get set up on split direct deposits:

3. In their payroll profile, you will see the Onboard Status option—choose the option next to that (this will vary depending on what stage of the onboarding you're on). In this example, we're choosing Update:

4. Once the payroll module has popped up, choose Payment Method from the left-hand menu and then choose the "By direct deposit" option. Choose Continue to proceed to the next step:

5. You can start to add accounts by choosing the Add account button. Once more than one bank account is active, you will then see the option to specify how much is deposited into the accounts.

6. Click Save pay split when done:

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