Overview: If you need to view and download your time card information, this can be done directly from your dashboard on our website.

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Export Time Card Details

1. To view and download your time card information, start by clicking the Past Time Cards button on your dashboard:

2. Click the dropdown list next to Pay Period and select the timeframe you want to download time for:

3. Once you've chosen the pay period, click the Export button:

4. You'll then be taken to the Payroll Export page where you can choose the format you'd like to Export in - we recommend using the Excel File option:

5. Your time card will begin downloading in the format chosen.


Q: Why does my time card show a status?

A: If your time card shows as Draft, Pending Approval, Rejected, or Approved your Administrator has time card approvals enabled. This status will not impact your ability to export time.

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