Overview: By default, pay periods are locked once they're closed. However, if you'd like for employees to add time after the pay period has closed, you can manually lock/unlock a pay period as needed.

Important: If you are using Time Card Approvals your pay periods will not lock or unlock automatically. The Time Card Approval status determines if a time card is locked. Here are the various statuses for a time card and the associated Lock/Unlocked status of a pay period. Locked means time cannot be entered:

Draft = Unlocked
Pending Approval = Locked
Approved = Locked
Rejected = Unlocked


Locking/Unlock Pay Periods

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Locking/Unlock Pay Periods

1. To unlock or lock pay periods, start by clicking Settings followed by Pay Periods:

2. If you want to lock/unlock a past pay period, choose the Past tab. You'll then want to click Edit next to the pay period you want lock/unlock:

3. You can then decide if the pay period should be locked/unlocked for Employees or Everyone. Everyone would include Employees, Managers, and Administrators. Save once done:



Q: Can Managers change or update pay period information?

A: No, only Administrators are able to change or update pay period information as doing so can impact how hours are calculated.

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