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ADP Workforce Now Integration Setup
ADP Workforce Now Integration Setup

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate with ADP Workforce Now.

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Overview: This integration is done through an export/import process. When it's time to process payroll, you'll export an ADP Workforce Now-specific file and upload it into their system for processing.

Important: To import into ADP, you will need to have Practitioner or Limited Practitioner rights


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Setup Integration

What you should know: If you have multiple ADP company codes, you'll need to use a unique Buddy Punch account for each company code.

What you need from ADP:

  • Company code

  • Batch number that corresponds to your Buddy Punch account (optional)

  • Earnings codes and hour types

  • File (ID) number for each employee

If you need help finding this information, contact your ADP representative.

1. To set up the ADP integration in Buddy Punch, go to Settings --> Integrations and choose ADP Workforce Now Settings option:

2. Check the box next to Enable integration with ADP Workforce Now:

3. You will then want to enter the following:

  • Your ADP Company Code.

  • The ADP Batch Number that corresponds to this Buddy Punch account (optional).

  • ADP earning codes and hour types.

If you don't set up an earnings code, any time logged under that code in Buddy Punch is exported as regular hours. Click Save when done.

4. You must also add ADP employee ID (file numbers) to each employee profile via Employees --> View --> Edit:

If you don't want to include an employee in the export, do not enter a file (ID) number for that employee.

5. If you plan to use Department Codes and want to import with a Payroll Code into ADP go to Settings --> Department Codes and Edit each Department Code to add in a Payroll Code:

Export ADP Workforce Now File

1. When you're ready to export time, click Reports in the top navigation, followed by Payroll Export.

2. Choose your pay period and then click Run Report. Once hours have populated, click Export --> ADP Workforce Now. The file will automatically begin to download.

Important: Do NOT open the file in Excel and re-save it. Doing so will change the data in the file (ie, 001 becomes 1). Also, do not modify the file name; if you change the name, it will fail to import into ADP Workforce Now.

Please Note: If an employee does not have any hours, they will not show up in the export.

Import into ADP

1. Start by logging into Workforce Now at

2. You will need to begin by starting a new payroll cycle. If you have already done so, please skip this step:

3. Once you have started a new payroll cycle, or if you would like to import your data into an existing payroll cycle, select Process from the top navigation bar:

4. The following options will vary depending on your role within ADP Workforce Now. Select Utilities and choose Import:

5. On your left pane, select Paydata.

6. Click Add.

7. Once on the Paydata Import Files page, select Browse for Files.

8. Select your exported payroll file from Buddy Punch by clicking Add Files. This is typically found in your Downloads folder on your computer. Click Upload when you are ready.

9. Once you have added your payroll file from Buddy Punch to your import, select the appropriate file(s) using the check box and click Done.

10. ADP Workforce Now will bring you back to your unprocessed payroll files. Select the appropriate file(s) using the check box and click Other Actions. Click Start to begin processing payroll.


Q: Why don't I see the option to export via ADP Workforce Now?

A: Please double-check to ensure the integration has been enabled and set up via the Settings --> Integrations --> Integrate with ADP Workforce Now page.

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