If you use Buddy Punch, you can easily send payroll information to ADP Workforce Now for payroll processing.  (note this is for ADP Workforce NOW only.  RUN by ADP is not supported)

Things to know before you begin

  1. You must be an administrator to set up the ADP Workforce Now integration.

  2. If you have multiple ADP company codes, you'll need to use a unique Buddy Punch account for each company code.

  3. If an employee is leaving your business, do not delete the employee from Buddy Punch until after you've processed payroll.

Things to do before you begin

Record the following information from your ADP Workforce Now account:

  • Company code

  • Batch number that corresponds to your Buddy Punch account (optional)

  • Earnings codes and hour types

  • File (ID) number for each employee

If you need help finding this information, contact your ADP representative.


Setting up the ADP Workforce Now Integration

These steps will allow you to turn on the integration in Buddy Punch and add ADP information to allow the systems to communicate.

Step 1: Enable the ADP Workforce Now integration

  1. In Buddy Punch go to Settings -->Integrations

  2. Click on the ADP Settings Button

  3. Select the "Enable integration with ADP" checkbox

Step 2: Add your ADP company information

  1. Enter your ADP Company Code.

  2. Enter the ADP Batch Number that corresponds to this Buddy Punch account (optional).

Step 3: Add up ADP earnings codes & Hour Types

  1. Set up earnings codes so that employees' hours transfer correctly from Buddy Punch to ADP Workforce Now.

  2. Map each Buddy Punch earnings code (Double Overtime, Paid Time Off, Sick Days, and Holiday) to an ADP Code and Hour Type.

  3. If you don't set up an earnings code, any time logged under that code in Buddy Punch is exported as regular hours.

  4. Click Save

Step 4: Add ADP employee ID (file) numbers

  1. On the Employees tab, map employees in Buddy Punch to their ADP file (ID) numbers by editing their profile.  (Employees --> View --> Edit)

  2. For each Buddy Punch employee, add the employee's ADP file number.

  3. If you don't want to include an employee in the export, do not enter a file (ID) number for that employee.

  4. Click Save

If you are using any Department Codes with Buddy Punch, and you would like these Department Codes to import with a Payroll Code into ADP, you will need to associate Payroll Codes with your Buddy Punch Departments.  Go to Settings --> Department Codes and Edit each Department Code to add in a Payroll Code:

Sending payroll data to ADP Workforce Now

  1. When a pay period has ended, review and finalize time cards.

  2. When you are ready to transfer time you'll be using the "Payroll Export" report in Buddy Punch.  Using the drop down, select ADP.

  3. Save the CSV file to your computer.

  4. Do NOT open the file in Excel and re-save it.  Doing so will change the data in the file (ie, 001 becomes 1).

  5. Do not modify the file name; if you change the name it will fail to import into ADP Workforce Now.

  6. Upload the CSV file to ADP Workforce Now.

Please Note: If an employee does not have any hours, they will not show up in the export. 

If you need assistance with this step, contact your ADP representative or view our import help article.

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