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Referral Partner Overview
Referral Partner Overview

Watch this video to better understand how to use our partner program.

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Now you’re on our partner's landing page, which is a signup page that will explain the process. It’s very simple; you click on the button to join, get a referral link and then share that link with your customers. When your customers sign up using the link, you get rewarded.

Click on the “Join Now” button to get started. It will ask you for some very basic information. This will be your login information to later check your progress as a partner. This is separate from a login.

After you click “Sign Up,” you are greeted with a thank you pop-up that has your new referral link in it. You can copy this link now, or you can access the link later on your dashboard. You’ll also get an email with the link, so don’t worry if you forget to copy it here.

Click on “Go to Dashboard,” and you’ll be walked through a wizard on how to best use the program.

You’ll be asked a few questions about how to use the program. Don’t worry; your answers don’t change how the program works – we just want to personalize your experience.

You’ll get a few tips on best using the program based on your selection.

That’s it; now click on the “Start Earning” button to go to your Partner Dashboard.

This dashboard gives you an overview of your progress and messages from us at Buddy Punch. We use a 3rd party to help us with our partner program called Partnerstack, so if you see messages from them, that’s what that is.

If you click on the Referrals in the top navigation, you’ll see anyone that signed up under your referral link. The payouts area will show you any payment history you have from becoming a referral partner.

The Assets area gives you links to content from Buddy Punch that you can use to help promote your referral link. If you need any more content, please let us know.

And lastly, the Messages are where you can communicate with us directly. Otherwise, feel free to go to and use the live chat option. That’s it! Now you’re on your way to earning money! If you need anything, please let us know.

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