Manager's Dashboard

Watch this video to see what a manager can do from their dashboard.

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Video Transcript

I’m here to show you what a manager’s dashboard looks like and also what you can do with it. Let’s get started.

Manager’s will have several menu options.Manager’s can punch in and out and will do so from the menu option on top.

If the manager has Approval Access on employees they can head to their dashboard to approve either Punches, or approve Time cards (there’s a difference). If they have either view or approval access, they’ll see who’s punched in and out.

Same goes for time cards. If they have approval access they can approve or modify time cards as well as submit or reject.If they have “View Only” access they will not see these options.

And finally, they can run reports on their employees that they have view or approval access to.

Managers can have either View or Approval access to any number of employees. Administrators have to individually give this access to a manager. If they don’t, all of these menu options will be empty.

If you have any questions on what managers can do, please ask, we’re happy to help. Thanks for watching!

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