Overview: The Payroll Export is the most commonly used report as it includes necessary punch data for processing payroll.


Running The Payroll Export

Payroll Export Example

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Running The Payroll Export

1. To run the Payroll Export, start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Payroll Export:

2. You'll then want to choose your pay period, which employees you want to include on the report, filter by any location, department, or position, and whether to include PTO on the report.

Once you've done that, click Run Report:

3. You'll then want to click Export followed by your export option of choice:

The report will then immediately begin to download.

Payroll Export Example

Following is an example of the Payroll Export Report:


Q: Why don't I see my payroll provider in the export dropdown?

A: If you don't see your payroll provider in the export dropdown, then likely an integration hasn't been set up. You can set up payroll provider integrations by going to Settings --> Integrations.

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