Once you have created a shift, you'll notice it will be outlined with the color you selected. This means that the shift has been created, but not yet published. To publish you will want to select Publish in the top right hand corner. You will then be asked whether or not you want to notify the employee of their new schedule. 

Please note: The Publish option is based on your current schedule view. If you only want one employee to be notified of their schedule, change your filter options

If you'd like to unpublish a shift, you'll first want to setup your schedule view. Just as with publishing, the shifts that are unpublished are based on your current view. 

Once you have your view setup, select Options in the top right hand corner followed by Unpublish. A popup will ask if you're sure you want to unpublish the shifts in the current view. Select, "Yes, unpublish the shifts." You'll notice once you've unpublished the shifts they revert to being outlined, which indicates that they are unpublished.

Please note: Employees will not be notified when a shift is unpublished. 

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