How Do I Clear Shifts?

You can clear shifts by using the "Clear Shifts" option found on the scheduling page.

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Overview: To quickly clear shifts, both published and unpublished, you can use the Clear option.

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Clear Published or Unpublished Shifts

1. Start by clicking Schedule followed by View Schedule in the top navigation:

2. You will then want to click the Options dropdown followed by Clear Shifts. You will then be able to choose whether you want to clear Unpublished or All shifts:

Important: Shifts will be cleared based on your current view. If you only want to clear shifts for a particular employee use the Employees filter at the top of the page.

If you only want to clear shifts for a particular day, then change your view to Day instead of Week or Month.


Q: I used the clear option, but some published shifts remain. Why?

A: If an employee has punched into a published shift, then it cannot be cleared or deleted. You would first need to unassign the shift from the employee's punch. Once unassigned, you can then clear or delete the shift.

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