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How to Assign a Color to a Shift
How to Assign a Color to a Shift

When creating shifts, you can assign them different colors.

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Overview: Using up to 10 different colors, you can color code the shifts you create for easier schedule organization.

Note: Scheduling is available on the Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans only.


How to Assign a Color to a Shift

Assigning a color to a shift can be done via the Color dropdown when creating a new shift. There are 10 different color options available:

Once the shift is published, it will show up filled in with the color selected to help you quickly differentiate between shifts. Unpublished shifts will be outlined, but not filled in with the color selected.

How to Change a Shift's Color

To change a shift's color, first, simply click on the shift you want to edit to bring up the window with editable fields. Then click on the Color dropdown, select the new color desired, and Save:

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Once you've changed the shift's color, this edit will move the shift to unpublished once more. To re-publish, simply click the publish button in the upper right-hand corner of the schedule:

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