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Updating or Deleting Shifts (Web)

Step by step instructions on how to delete or update a shift from the Buddy Punch website.

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Overview: When using the scheduling feature, shifts can be deleted or updated directly from the schedule page.


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Delete Individual Shifts

1. To delete a single shift, you'll want to start by clicking the shift in question:

2. From there, select the Delete button:

3. If the shift was not setup as recurring, it will automatically be deleted. If it's a recurring shift, you'll be asked if you want to only delete this shift or this shift and following shifts:

Delete Multiple Shifts

1. To delete multiple shifts at once, you'll want to select the Options dropdown followed by Clear Shifts. If you want to clear all shifts, click All. If you want to clear only unpublished shifts, select Unpublished:

Important: Shifts will be cleared based on your view. If you only want to clear shifts for a particular day, week, month, employee, department, location, or position use filters to change your view.

Delete a Shift That's Been Punched Into

1. If an employee has already punched into a shift, the Delete and Save buttons will be grayed out as you're not able to make any changes.

2. To address this, you'll first need to head over to the employees time card and unassign the shift from the associated punch by clicking Edit Shift:

3. You'll then want to select the No Shift option. If you don't see the No Shift option, you can enable it by going to Settings --> Scheduling:

4. Now that the shift has been unassigned from the punch, you'll be able to Delete or update it as needed:



Q: Why are the Delete and Save buttons grayed out?

A: If the Delete and Save buttons are grayed out, it means an employee has punched into the shift. You'll first need to unassign the shift from the employee's punch via the time card in order to make any changes to that shift.

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