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How Do I Create A Scheduled Shift?
How Do I Create A Scheduled Shift?

Create a scheduled shift for your employees using our scheduling feature.

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To create a shift, start by clicking Schedule in the top navigation:

Once on the schedule page, just click an open area on the schedule to populate the shift creation pop up:

You'll be able to specify:

  • Who the shift should be assigned to

  • The shift end/start time

  • A break (this is for informational purposes only)

  • Choose a color for the shift

  • Assign any location, department, or position codes

  • Add a new

Click Add Shift once you've entered all the necessary details:

Once the shift has been added to the schedule, it will be in draft mode. This is indicated by an outlined shift. To publish, click the Publish button in the top right-hand corner:

You'll then be able to send to:

  • All employees

  • Employees with changes only (i.e. edits or deletion)

  • Employees in the current view

  • Employees with shifts in the current view

Once you've made your selection, you can then either publish via email, push notification, or both:

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