Overview: When using scheduling, you can quickly populate pre-scheduled work hours directly from an employee's time card. This is often used if an employee forgets to punch in/out.

Important: This ability requires our Pro plan, which includes scheduling.


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Add Work Hours—Web

1. After you've created/published a schedule for the employee, you will want to visit their time card by choosing Time Cards in the top navigation, followed by View All. Then click View next to the name of the employee in question.

2. One on their time card, you will see the shifts you just published. Simply click Add next to the shift you want to populate time for:

3. The shift start/end time will automatically be populated, along with the shift for the day. Click Save once done:

4. You'll then be taken back to the time card, where you can see the newly added hours for the scheduled shift:


Q: I added hours to the schedule but don't see the option to add hours from the time card.

A: If you added hours to the schedule but don't see them on the time card, then it's likely that the shifts weren't published. Please head back to the schedule page and publish if needed.

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