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Adding, Updating & Deleting Repeating Shifts
Adding, Updating & Deleting Repeating Shifts

Step by step instructions on how to repeat an employee's schedule.

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Overview: You can repeat an employee's schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. With this feature, you no longer have to enter shifts one by one.

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Adding Repeating Shifts

1. Start by clicking an open space next to the name of the employee you want to create a repeating shift for:

2. You'll be presented with several options. If you're a Manager with Edit & Publish schedule permissions or an Administrator, you will be able to choose an employee from the dropdown list if it should be different than the one auto-populated.

3. Once you've entered shift times and all other important information, you can now set up the repeating option. The repeating options available are:

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Annually

  • Every Weekday

  • Custom

4. Click Add Shift once done.


Editing Repeating Shifts

1. Editing repeating shifts can quickly be done by visiting the Scheduling page and clicking on the shift you'd like to edit:

You can edit the shift times, notes, as well as any codes assigned to the shift. Click the blue Save button once done. You will then be presented with two editing options which include:

  • This shift (Only updates the current and open shift)

  • This and following shifts (Updates the current and open shift as well as any following shifts)

Once you've made your selection, complete the action by again clicking the blue Save button.


Deleting Repeating Shifts

1. Deleting a repeating shift is a simple process. You'll want to start by visiting the Scheduling page and clicking on the repeating shift you'd like to delete:

2. Click the red Delete button:

You will then be presented with two delete options which include:

  • This shift (This option only deletes a single repeating shift - the one you have open)

  • This and following shifts (This option deletes the shift you have open as well as any following shifts that were created)

After you've made your selection, confirm the action by clicking the red Delete button once more.




Q: Can I apply a repeating shift to more than one employee?

A: Yes, when you initially create a repeating shift you'll be able to select which employees it should be assigned to from the dropdown menu. Please know, you can't assign additional employees to an existing shift. Only during the initial creation of a shift can multiple employees be assigned.

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