To create an anniversary accrual rule, you will first want to make sure that you have your Time Off types setup and that they are included in accruals.

Time Off types can be created by going to Settings --> Time Off and selecting +Add a New Time Off Earning Code. When creating the Time Off type, you will have the option of including it in accruals:

2. After you've setup your Time Off earning codes, from the Time Off Settings page select Manage Time Off Accrual Rules.

3. On the Time Off Accrual Rules page, select +Add a New Time Off Accrual Rule.

On this page you will setup the specifics of your rule. Please use these steps and reference the image below as needed!

  1. Enter the name of your accrual rule.

  2. Since anniversary accruals are typically annually, you'll want to change your Frequency to Yearly.

  3. If all of your employees accrue on the same date, you can select the "Accrue for all selected on a date" and enter the accrual date. If your employees accrue on different dates, select the "Accrue for all selected on individual dates."

  4. Select the Time Off Type that the accrual should be applied to. The Time Off Types found in the dropdown are the ones you created on the Time Off Settings page.

  5. Enter the amount of hours accrued. If employees accrue different hours, you will need to create a separate accrual rule for them.

  6. If you select "Accrue for all selected on individual dates", you will need to enter each employees anniversary date. The rule will run every year on the same date, so you don't have to update it each year.

Once done, click Save! 

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