Time Off Accrual Setup

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up employee time off accruals.

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Overview: Time off accruals allows employees to earn time off at a specified rate. The different time off accrual options are per pay period, hours worked, and annual. An employee can be set up with as many accrual rules as needed.

Important: All work hours count towards time off accruals, including regular, overtime, and double time.


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Enable Time Off Accruals

1. Start by clicking Settings followed by Time Off:

2. Check the box next to Allow Employee Time Off Accruals and Save once done:

Now that time off accruals are enabled, you'll need to specify which of your time off types should be included in accruals.

3. To add a new time off code, select the +Add a New Time Off Earning Code or you can also update an existing code by selecting Edit next to it:

4. When creating or updating a time off earning code, you'll want to ensure that the box next to Included in Time Off Accrual is checked:

There are many other options to set up here if needed. This includes:

  • Allowing/Disallowing Negative balances: If negative balances are disabled, an employee will not be allowed to request time off if it would cause them to go into the negative. Learn more here.

  • Setting a Maximum Hours Allowed: This option determines how much time off an employee can accrue. Learn more here.

  • Setting an Accrual Carry Over/Reset: By default, our system will carry over balances. If you want to reset balances or specify the amount carried over, you can do so using this option. Learn more here.

Create a New Time Off Accrual Rule

Now that time off accruals are enabled, you can create time off accrual rules that earn per pay period, based on the number of hours worked, or on an annual basis.

1. On the Time Off Settings page click Accrual Rules in the left-hand menu. Once at that section click +Add a New Time Off Accrual Rule:

Important: The +Add a New Time Off Accrual Entry button is intended to help front-load time off or enter existing balances. More information about that option can be found here.

2. There are three different accrual frequencies options to choose from: Per Pay Period, Hours Worked, and Yearly.

  • Per Pay Period: Employees can accrue a specified amount at the end of each pay period.

  • Hours Worked: Employees can accrue a specified amount based on the number of hours worked.

  • Yearly: Employees can accrue time off on a yearly basis.

Once the rule has been created, it can be viewed from the Time Off page or also from within the employee profile by choosing the Time Off option from the left-hand menu:



Q: Will accruals be backdated?

A: No, employees will start earning when they're added to the accrual rule and moving forward. We do not retroactively apply accruals.

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